What I Packed in my Hospital Bag

This past weekend, a family friend asked what I had packed in my hospital bag. She said she had read so many articles, and she was getting overwhelmed. I told her the following, “As long as you have the baby carrier, you literally don’t need to bring anything for the baby if you don’t want to. The hospital provides everything. Just bring a change of clothes for yourself and don’t stress about it. You’re going to be there for 2-3 days tops if you don’t have any complications.” She seemed relieved. But, it made me think about what I had put in my bag and what I wish someone had told me while I was packing. If I had listened to fellow mommy bloggers, I would have had my hospital bag together basically when I found out I was pregnant. *eyeroll*

So, here’s what I packed in a little carryon suitcase:

  • Toiletries: Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, a LITTLE bit of makeup (eyeliner and mascara, I didn’t feel like bringing anything else), toothbrush/paste, a hair brush, hair ties, and my hair straightener [in case I wanted to look a little more put together]
    • What I actually used: Everything except for makeup and hair straightener. I thought I was going to since I had family visiting me, but I really didn’t feel like styling my hair. NOTE: I got lucky with the timing of when MC came, so my hair didn’t look disgusting for some reason. Also, I didn’t sweat? I don’t understand…
  • My clothes: A thin robe, two nursing tops, a pair of flowey pants, a pair of yoga pants, a zip up hoodie, underwear, and flip flops that I wore to the hospital.
    • What I actually used: All of it except for the underwear. As soon as I checked into the hospital and the first night there I wore the hospital gown. The next day when I had family visiting more frequently, I changed into the robe, nursing top, and flowey pants so I wasn’t sitting there all exposed and vulnerable in a thin sheet. When I left the hospital, I just wore my yoga pants, zip up hoodie, and my other nursing top. So, I brought underwear, but ended up going home in the mesh diaper-esque thing that the hospital gives you because it was just so much easier. Also, the thought of wearing regular, cute underwear after that much trauma down there was just a little too much for me to handle.
  • Going Home Outfit: I brought a little outfit for MC, and even knit her a little hat. This is where I learned my first lesson that “newborn” sizing is just a suggestion. She was swimming in her outfit and I should have just left her in the clothes the hospital provided.
    • What I actually used: What I brought, but if I had to do it over again, I would probably bring a couple of outfits in different sizes. Or, just leave her in her hospital outfit, but I know people are very particular about the going home outfit.
  • Snacks: I threw a handful of granola bars and goldfish in the bag in case I wanted to snack on something.
    • What I actually used: None of this because Husband ate it. Also, my mother was not about to allow me to eat any sort of “junk food” and provided an endless supply of Korean food. Thanks mama.
  • Electronics: Camera, extra batteries, and chargers for phones.
    • What I actually used: I used all of these, obviously.
  • Baby Carrier: Nuna Pipa
    • What I actually used: Obviously I used this so I could get my baby home.
  • Miscellaneous: Pillow
    • What I actually used: I am no stranger to hospital pillows. I knew they were going to be as awful as they turned out to be and I was grateful I had my pillow. I ended up using it as a nursing pillow to support the baby, and was happy I had it at night so I could sleep a little better. I do recommend making sure your pillow has a distinct pillow case though, so it doesn’t get confused with the hospital pillows.

That’s it. I kept it pretty lean. I know a lot of moms will bring a thousand other things with them, but I was lucky that I didn’t have any complications or a c-section that would require more recovery times and potentially more items to help with the healing process.

The best advice I got was from my dad when he told me to not stress about this. I was just down the road from my house and Husband could get anything I forgot, and that I was just staying overnight. No need to bring the entire nursery. I hope this helps your packing!

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