Weekend Warriors

It was unseasonably warm and beautiful in DC this weekend, so we took full advantage of the sunshine! Husband had the great idea to go to the National Zoo, so we packed up our stuff and headed that way after his Saturday morning class was over.

Quick break here – Mamas of 18-24month olds: Does your kid eat? If so, what do you feed them? Because mine is on a hunger strike and I’m running out of ideas. The other night I blended an egg into a smoothie just so she would have some protein since she’s decided that she’s rebelling. She turns up her nose at all her usual foods, and really only wants to eat snacks. I don’t want her to live off of goldfish and yogurt until she’s a freshman in college.

We made it to the Zoo, and right away MC was all “WOOOOOW” and pointing at all the various animals. She was especially intrigued by the elephants, and we were lucky that we timed it perfectly so we could see them inside getting fed.


We also got to see the pandas, which is always a special treat because usually the crowd around them is large and you don’t really get to see them. MC was especially impressed with the panda (once we pointed it out to her.)

MC spotted a carousel and since Husband went with her on the last one, I told him I would take one for the team and go on it with her. I now realize why he wasn’t fighting me to go on the carousel. As soon as it started, MC clung to me like a little koala because she got scared. Husband was talking about ‘G Forces’ making it hard for her to hang on (he’s half kidding), but he’s kind of right. Not about the g force, but the fact that MC got scared and 98% of the time clung to me for dear life. She was very excited to be sitting on top of an elephant though before the ride started.


[Please excuse the fact that I am cheesing SO hard in this picture. I have this theory that if I pretend like I’m having SO MUCH FUN and am SUPER HAPPY, MC will follow suit.]

I mentioned to Husband as we were walking around that when I was little, the Zoo seemed so much larger than it actually is. As a little kid there on a field trip, it seemed like we had been transported to an entirely different world full of weird creatures and animals. Now as a parent, being able to see it through my daughter’s eyes brings back a sense of nostalgia for the wonderment and excitement the trip brought her this weekend.

We did have to race the rain, so we tried to see as many of the exhibits as we could before the storm came in. Luckily, we timed it perfectly so by the time we were safely back in our car, the sky opened up and the storm set in.

We went home, took a family nap (because we’re pathetic and get tired easily), and the rest of the day went on as usual.

Today (Sunday) we went to the mall, which is basically what I do when I’m out of ideas, but want to pretend like I’m being a productive person. I splurged and bought MC and myself matching Adidas superstar sneakers (yes, we are basic.) I also am a huge sucker for advertisement, and MC ended up with a little Minion from Build-A-Bear Workshop, two Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood books, and a Mickey Mouse activity book. I now understand why there’s a bit of a negative stigma attached to only children. Because I spoil my only child thoroughly and unapologetically. It’s a catch-22 because I buy her things because I feel bad that she doesn’t have any siblings to play with, but because she doesn’t have any siblings, I feel like it’s justifiable to buy her fun books and toys. Anyone else have this dilemma? If you suggest that the solution is to have another kid, I’m going to smack you. I can barely handle this one, and she’s pretty easy going.

MC has been on a nap strike lately, and today was pretty par for the course. She woke up a bit later than usual since she was running a low grade fever last night, and decided she wasn’t going to take a nap today. But seeing as it’s currently 8:14pm and I’m sitting on my couch nonsensically typing away with a glass of wine in hand, I’m not going to complain.

Tonight I even had enough energy to make shrimp kabobs, Mexican rice, and bake a pie. Ok, so maybe they were pre-cooked shrimp that I kabobed, smeared in olive oil, Old Bay, and some paprika and baked for 6 minutes. Also the Mexican rice was leftover rice from MC’s dinner that she refused, and I just sprinkled some taco seasoning in it and served it to Husband. Finally, the apple pie I baked was gifted by my in-laws a while back and all I had to was thaw and put in the oven for an hour. But if I had taken a picture of it, you would have been really impressed because it looked like I had slaved away in the kitchen for hours like Mrs. Cleaver.

At this point, I’m just typing to fend off the Sunday Scaries because I’m trying desperately to not think about going back to work tomorrow. I hope you all had a great weekend, and if you have any ideas on what to do with a toddler and 48 hours of uninterrupted free time, I’m all ears.

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