Beating and Baking my Face

I thought about posting a youtube video about this, but then I realized that a) I don’t want a close up of my face out there on the internet, and b) I’m not an actual makeup artist and everything I’ve learned is from Youtube university so I’m probably doing everything incorrectly.

Also, you’re welcome. Nobody’s asked for this, but I’m doing this anyway because makeup makes me feel confident, calm, and happy.


I’ve linked everything below in case you too want to look like a tired Asian mom!





Now that I’ve actually written this all out, I realize just how excessive this list may seem. Also, dear Husband if you’re reading this, please don’t go through and calculate the total cost…but if you do, I’m not sorry.

Additionally, that list is what I put on when I actually have time to put my face on. Most days I play the “Choose 2” game, where you pick two things to put on your face. I typically choose eyeliner and mascara because when those aren’t done people tend to ask if I’m feeling ok, and do I need to go home early because I’m sick…

I love watching makeup tutorials, so if you guys have an amazing makeup hack, new makeup I should try, or just tips on how to make my eyebags not look like I got punched in the face, I would love the feedback!

Since you’ve made it through this entire post, keep checking @itsybitsyhuman on instagram…There’s an 80% chance I will be doing a giveaway…

UPDATE: I’m doing a giveaway. Check out instagram!

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