Playing Tourist

We’re very lucky to live right by the Nation’s Capitol, and I think most of the time I really take it for granted. I was born and raised here and after a while you get desensitized to the monuments, and you’ve gone to all of the Smithsonian museums by the time you’re 10. [Husband is not from here so I have to remind myself to not go through exhibits at lightning speed.]

On Saturday, we decided to pretend to be tourists and go to the Natural History Museum. Read: One of the few museums you can take an 18 month old and not have to worry about keeping your voice down. We did the whole shebang of taking the metro in, which Princess Katie is always against since I’m a suburban kid through and through and drive everywhere. I told Husband the one thing I wanted was a bloody mary, so we took a quick pitstop at Chinatown and had brunch at Clyde’s. Why am I including this pitstop? Because there are wonderful humans everywhere. We were seated quickly, and I asked for a high chair, which naturally MC refused to sit in. She wanted to sit in the booth like a big girl, and even wanted her own plate and fork. Right when the panic started to set in because I knew we were moments away from a total meltdown, and I knew I couldn’t possibly eat while trying to keep MC from climbing all over the restaurant, this wonderful human comes over with a booster seat. Turns out, she was the bartender, a mama, and saw the entire exchange of MC kicking her feet and refusing to sit in the high chair, so she brought it over. I wanted to hug her right then and there. I also think that’s why she made our bloody marys extra strong. Mamas, we gotta help each other out. That’s the only way we’re going to make it through in one piece.

After a much more peaceful brunch we got to the Mall and before going into the museum we let MC run around a little and tested out the portrait setting of my new phone. Guys, I am not a photographer nor do I ever claim to be. But this is literally idiot proof.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The museum itself was incredibly crowded, but MC had a lot of fun marveling at the new sights. I always wonder what her little mind is thinking as she sees new things – I’m sure it’s incredibly overwhelming. She made it through about 2 exhibits before her little brain shut down and she fell asleep. Since Husband and I were dead on our feet anyway, we decided to head back since we were only here for MC. Going home was uneventful since she slept most of the way, and the rest of the night was quiet and relaxing.

I love the moments we have as a family since we are a newly established party of 3. We’re learning a lot about each other, and essentially learning how to be parents. It’s definitely not a skill you suddenly learn as soon as the baby is born. When I was pregnant with MC I was finishing my master’s degree, and as soon as she was born Husband started his master’s, so family time is hard to come by. But when it does happen, we try to make the most of it and do memorable activities.

We are always looking for fun, new activities, so if you have any ideas and suggestions, please share!

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